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I may be evil, but I'm *cute* evil, so it's all good.

Janet C.
30 December
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PLEASE NOTE: due to recent changes in LiveJournal policies, I am not posting to this account. If you'd like to read my posts, you can check out the RSS feed of my new journal on LJ at kadiera_qsd, or you can stop by my site, kadiera.quicksilverdragon.com. There *are* filters over there, but you have to sign up for an account and ask to be on the filters to read them.

St. Louis native, reasonably permanently transplanted to Detroit. Engineer, Polytheist, artist, business woman. SpiralScouts leader. My house contains one husband and 3 cats, plus our business....my life contains considerably more than that. No kids, but that's not for lack of trying. And one baby boy born at 27 weeks 1 day on June 13, 2008 - he's still in the NICU as of September 2, so he's not actually contained in our house just yet. My marriage is polyamorous, my spiritual life is a study in contrasts, and my day job pays good, but many days not enough for what I put up with.

Clear as mud?

Many entries are friends only - some things just don't need to be public, although I don't make a habit of hiding things from the world either, and some times I just need space to vent. There's only one "opt-in" filter - the one on religion and spirituality, and there's one "semi-opt-in" filter on polyamory. Feel free to comment or e-mail me to ask to be added to either, and I'll decide whether or not to add you to the poly filter. There are other filters, filtered by level of trust, so those are more along the lines of opt-out.